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3 Must Haves for New 3D Printer Owners

More and more people are finding out about the perks of using a 3D printer. But if you’re new to the party, then here are three items that you need to help you with your 3D printing needs.

3D Printing 101

In a world full of advancing technology, we are being introduced to more technical jargon than ever before. And a lot of us might not necessarily understand that jargon. So let’s break it down in 3D printing 101.

How are Automotive Design & 3D Printing Merging?

Harvard has estimated that we spend 101 minutes driving per day, which equates to 37,935 hours in a lifetime. Can you imagine how much is then spent on filling up a car? What a depressing thought. This may be why autonomous vehicles are on the rise. They not only save money and are more practical but also allow for customisation, because of 3D printing.

Can you believe you can 3D print this?

3D printing is going from strength to strength and it is amazing to see what it can create. Read more to see some of the most interesting uses.

Now you have purchased a 3D Printer, what else do you need?

So now you have a 3D printer, what else do you need?

Firstly, you will need a print bed scraper. This will enable you to remove the prints from the print bed. A painters tool can be used for this process, such as a scraper and a hammer to lift off the print.

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