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Styling Boards

The type of materials used for a model or product depends on its intended purpose, and a range of materials can be used when creating a product. Styling Boards from Abacus Technologies are high quality boards that are primarily used for first off design study / Styling models / NC program proving. They can also be used as supporting structures for close contour pasting systems. Negative moulds can be produced and moulds for laminating. They also have a good surface structure and can be easily shaped and machined, as well as being resistant to organic solvents. We can also offer the correct adhesives to bond these boards together for larger model / mould applications. The finished surface allows an even and well finished paint job to be applied. The boards are available in a range of sizes and thicknesses so you can choose whichever best suits your project’s needs. We can also supply colour matched adhesives which hide glue lines and make the finished product look far better. Styling boards can be cut on CNC machines easily and also cut using hand tools/machining due to their low density.

Typical uses: • Design study • Program proving • Supporting structures for close contour pasting • Negative moulds for casting • Styling models